It’s a new week a new Beginning

“Your real job is to figure out as soon as possible what that is, who you are mean’t to be and begin to honor your calling in the best possible way.” Oprah Winfrey

Monday’s always signify to me that I can start again.

A new week, a new beginning.

So how do we know and understand what our purpose in this life is and are you really even interested in finding out?

I have asked this question to myself for many, many years and ended up sending myself around on this massive wheel of believing, I didn’t know…

“Why can’t someone just tell me?.”

“Why isn’t is obvious?”

“Why don’t I know what it is?”

Then come the should’s!

“I should know!”

“I should do better at knowing!”

“I should be better!”

I am sure you can all figure out the rest.

Often times, the very thing that you want or need to know most about yourself, is staring you in the face, you just can’t seem to see it!

Or can you?

Does fear stop you from knowing, what you already know?

Maybe, if you just sat back and stopped trying so hard, then the very question that you want to be answered, will be answered-all the wisdom, insights and inspirational message’s will come flooding through and then, you can choose to align with your purpose (or not).

Day 31 of lock down.

Have an amazing Monday.

Remember… its a brand new week.

A brand new beginning.

How will you show up?


©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Author: Michelle Denness

Wife, mother to three incredible kids and aspiring writer/poet. I am passionate about sharing personal stories to empower others and this space is for me to be open and free with my thoughts. This is my journey...

10 thoughts on “It’s a new week a new Beginning”

  1. Being old, I have to look at all the things I am grateful for. Another thing that helps me is I see so many suffering more.
    Next I look to help, to give back without regard for reward.

    For decades I overlooked the perfection in nature, a flower a tree etc

    My purpose is this

    I control two things, effort and attitude

    When I feel lost I know my attitude has changed and usually my effort focuses on the negative thoughts

    My purpose some days is to meet my challenges with a smile and all out effort without concern for results

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      1. Well yesterday I admit, that purpose question knocked on my door.

        A Buddhist is never bored.

        I am just a meditator and know boredom is impossible if we live in the moment

        I had the feeling of boredom appear during this quarantine more than once and know better than enter that quick sand

        What is our purpose in retirement

        Seven years ago I moved to another state to help my daughter and three small grandkids

        I feel lost at times doing this

        Anything we do has times regret or what ifs creep in.

        Quarantine for most 68 year olds is isolation, for me three kids 7,9, 11 and my daughter home 24/7

        We all have our challenges.

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      2. Retirement can bring whatever you want it to bring? 68 is ABSOLUTELY NOT OLD and you have plenty of time to do something different. Maybe it’s time to let your daughter take charge of her own life and for you to redefine your purpose, choose what you want for you and FIND yourself again (said from my heart)
        Boredom is a natural process to work through don’t be so hard on yourself.

        Regrets mean lessons learned so what will you do with them?
        Hold on to them or let them go?

        Louise Hay wasn’t known until she turned 60 and died in her 90’s having been one of the most influential, spiritual thinkers of our time.

        You have time 🙂


      3. Oh I have been driven, college graduate, professional athlete, then successful in business

        Accomplishments and possessions have no connection to real happiness

        Being able the give my grandkids a stable male caregiver in their presence means much more than anything else.

        Five years ago I was paralyzed from guillen béret for three months, that was after being certified 100% disabled from a triple rollover car accident

        I have not lost myself but finally found myself

        Giving and gratitude are cornerstones of my spiritual practice

        Giving is permanent, possessions, approval, status and power certainly are not

        I practice and teach mindfulness

        I help others heal

        That is permanent and fulfilling

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      4. That sound wonderfully fulfilling and full of gratitude. I’m just slightly confused from your previous comments.

        I wish you well and thanks for being so open with your sharing 🙏


      5. We are human and even with purpose life has weak moments

        We have setbacks

        If you look at this pandemic, what age group is dying, old folks seem not that important

        More people have died of this than pearl harbor or 9/11 and I see a different attitude. The first thing we do is hoard toilet paper

        Frustrating to a person who knows we are on this journey together in harmony not in competition

        Our purpose is to help those with more need around us

        Do we not care poor kids might not have toilet paper when some have enough for a year

        America our culture does not value their elders like other cultures is what this says to me.

        But that does not bother me.

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      6. Yes you are right about helping others and I have to disagree about the age group that are dying? All ages and all races of people are dying across the world. The virus does not take any consideration into age.

        We do care for our elderly. I care for all people.

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