Task 10 – lockdown challenge

Yes we are still doing our challenge and have been a little behind lately in our creating progress, so here is number 10


Isle of Wight Artist – Katie Hobbs 2020


covered up

chained in

tightly bound

fixed firm

hidden self

won’t show

can’t be

not real

held back

no faith

nor love

false shame

can’t see

won’t look

weeping eyes

can’t breathe

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 9 – Lock down challenge (I’ve taken the daily bit out)


Isle of Wight Artist – Katie Hobbs 2020

The Sea

I hold my breath

and allow myself to free fall

into the depths of this

extraordinary place

of wisdom

falling deeply

into the ebb and flow

of existence

the unknown

such beauty and elegance


an enchanted paradise

a boundless ocean

no beginning or ending

a deliverance

to a space of

unfathomable peace

and exquisite glory

the endless abundance

the powerful

life force

rising up

to greet the earth with

tremendous swell

and Mother Nature

with all her gracious


floats gently

on the tide

I breathe once more

I have arrived

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019 – 20

Task 8 – Daily Challenge

Joan of Arc

Isle of Wight Artist – Kate Hobbs 2020


i thought the man was friendly
gentle smile with big bright eyes
he nodded in conversation
simple offerings to keep us keen
we found him very interesting
so many stories he had to tell
he talked for what seemed hours
one by one they said goodbye
and then it came to my turn 
friends gone just him and me
don't leave me now i like you
we can always talk some more 
i thanked him so politely
with urgency picked up my pace
he was unrelenting 
and his tone of voice had changed
the fear took hold with filthy hands
i realized what i had done
he shouted loudly - come back bitch
now his pace changed he began to run
my lungs restricted consumed afraid
i can not stop i must not stop
he was old and i was young
and youth thank God saved my life
i made it home unscathed and safe
they did not believe my truth
the stranger hunted for his prey

and the silly girl got away (she was 12)

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 7 – Daily Challenge

Both Kate and I enjoy our daily lock down challenge.

We are similar in may ways and often find it difficult to create something freely without a whole load of critical self judgement and for that, I am really proud of our joint effort and commitment.

It has enabled us both to have an escape route out of our comfort zone.

Why don’t you, try it with a friend or two or even (Kate might holler at me for this) join in with us – eek!!!!

It could be – The Collective Covid Lock Down Daily Challenge.

Think of a word, poem or idea for each other and then send it by text, messenger or email, the night before or early on the morning of the challenge. There is absolutely no pressure to get it done in a day and we don’t move on until we have both completed the immediate task.

Its just for fun and keep’s our mental health wealthy with ideas and motivation.

Yesterday, we came up with the exact same words for task 7 which was interesting-great minds think alike.

I Am

I am the light
that lights the day
the melodic song
of the morning
the cooling breath
of a gentle breeze
the essence of
boundless love
I am the darkness
in the night
the silence and 
the sorrow
the innocence
the dreamer
the hero in
the story
I am the space
between each thought
the whisper in
the stillness
the splendor
the serenade
in moments
of surrender
I am my light
I light my way
my truth is
my expression
my joy, my love
in gratitude
shall greet you
in abundance

I Am

Isle of Wight Artist Katie Hobbs 2020

I hope that you are enjoying your day best you can.

Stay safe.

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 6 – Daily Challenge


Isle of Wight Artist – Katie Hobbs 2020


They say with time things change
such perfect presence 
he was not
his expression of life was impenetrable
and yet was 
the loveliest Soul
a mind so perilous, tormented by evil
condemned with silent movies
playing over 
and over
a prisoner before 
a prisoner once more
trapped within his own distortion
then meaning became marred 
through altered reality 
impossible to hide
I can not carry that heaviness
anymore or harness 
his grief
for it spills from my heart
making me weak

He laid down in quiet demeanor
closed his eyes 
to rest
knowing it was his last time
He prayed to his God 
for forgiveness
then peace 
was his 
welcomed blanket

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 5 – Daily challenge

I don’t normally write poems that rhyme so I’m not too pleased with this one, but a challenge is a challenge so here goes…

Without You

Without You
who would I be?
why, me of course
I'd be me

I am You
and You are me
never apart
together, are we

Without you
I can not live
nor can I breathe
nothing to give

My heart is full
and yours is too
a love so strong
a bond so true

Without You
I am not whole
and with you
one beautiful Soul

New Beginnings

Isle of Wight Artist – Katie Hobbs 2020

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 4 – Daily challenge

I struggled with today’s word and found it difficult to write something so had a go at drawing instead.

Think I’ll stick to the writing…



Isle of Wight Artist – Katie Hobbs 2020

© Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 3 – Daily Challenge


I am enjoying this challenge.

Stained Glass Window

Isle of Wight Artist Katie Hobbs 2020


Yesterday, the world seemed different
and yet it was the same
it really was
People walked among each other
unaware, deeply disconnected

Yesterday, there was poverty, war, death
society overwhelmed with mental illness
loneliness, suffering
People lived with one another
unnoticed, deeply, disconnected

Then the world came to a halt

Today feels very different
and yet it's the same world
it really is
we move quietly among each other
having reconnected deeply

Today is better than yesterday was
and this same world, is different
I hope it is
Everybody moves together
and yesterday, is no more

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019 -20