Task 7 – Daily Challenge

Both Kate and I enjoy our daily lock down challenge.

We are similar in may ways and often find it difficult to create something freely without a whole load of critical self judgement and for that, I am really proud of our joint effort and commitment.

It has enabled us both to have an escape route out of our comfort zone.

Why don’t you, try it with a friend or two or even (Kate might holler at me for this) join in with us – eek!!!!

It could be – The Collective Covid Lock Down Daily Challenge.

Think of a word, poem or idea for each other and then send it by text, messenger or email, the night before or early on the morning of the challenge. There is absolutely no pressure to get it done in a day and we don’t move on until we have both completed the immediate task.

Its just for fun and keep’s our mental health wealthy with ideas and motivation.

Yesterday, we came up with the exact same words for task 7 which was interesting-great minds think alike.

I Am

I am the light
that lights the day
the melodic song
of the morning
the cooling breath
of a gentle breeze
the essence of
boundless love
I am the darkness
in the night
the silence and 
the sorrow
the innocence
the dreamer
the hero in
the story
I am the space
between each thought
the whisper in
the stillness
the splendor
the serenade
in moments
of surrender
I am my light
I light my way
my truth is
my expression
my joy, my love
in gratitude
shall greet you
in abundance

I Am

Isle of Wight Artist Katie Hobbs 2020

I hope that you are enjoying your day best you can.

Stay safe.

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

Task 3 – Daily Challenge


I am enjoying this challenge.

Stained Glass Window

Isle of Wight Artist Katie Hobbs 2020


Yesterday, the world seemed different
and yet it was the same
it really was
People walked among each other
unaware, deeply disconnected

Yesterday, there was poverty, war, death
society overwhelmed with mental illness
loneliness, suffering
People lived with one another
unnoticed, deeply, disconnected

Then the world came to a halt

Today feels very different
and yet it's the same world
it really is
we move quietly among each other
having reconnected deeply

Today is better than yesterday was
and this same world, is different
I hope it is
Everybody moves together
and yesterday, is no more

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019 -20