I feel a little strange today.

Neither here or there-can’t quite put my finger on it!

We’ve been making the effort to walk daily and today was such a beautiful morning, it felt good to be out of the house.

I find it incredible to think that we have lived on this Island pretty much our entire life and have never walked these routes before.

New pathways can lead you to new places.

We forget to live, really live in the moment and the beauty of this horrendous situation that surrounds us, is that we are beginning to remember what’s really important and take notice of the simple things in life.

The path that we walked along used to be the old railway line and in every direction you are surrounded by the beauty of nature and it feels easy to breathe again.

As we walked, we came a cross a drawing on the dirt path in front of us which amused us both and I’m guessing that the artist, is of the much younger generation (apologies if anyone is offended) or quite possibly taking part in a daily anatomy lesson?

It seems unfair to think that the male organ is often the brunt of wild graffiti sessions, or penned on the back of many a public toilet door and I wonder why the female organs aren’t given such an honorable display?

Lets face it, both are needed for procreation.

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