Allowing Life to Unfold Graciously

It’s day 55 of lock down and I wonder how people are doing?

I mean, really doing?

It seems to be the new way of living now and for me, acceptance was key.

I no longer resist in any way and I’m allowing life to unfold graciously.

I am so very grateful for this present moment-all is okay.

Even though I have no idea what’s next for us as a family and what our future looks like, it feels so good and exciting, because its such a new feeling for me and something that I’ve been teaching others, how to do for years-I just didn’t walk my talk.

Until now.

Yarmouth Isle of Wight May 2020

I’m not worried at all.

I feel alive and so accepting of myself.

So today I encourage you all where ever you may be right now in this bizarre and beautiful world;

to stop and remind yourself that you have a purpose

a right to belong

a story to tell

a love to be shared

and most of all I want you to know that it’s okay to love and accept yourself

just as you are

what ever happened in your past

all the mistakes that you think, you’ve made

the wrong paths that you think, you may have taken

anything that you berate and punish yourself for…


don’t drag all of that stuff forward in life with you, it makes no sense at all

let it go

liberate yourself

honor yourself with love and nourishment, acceptance and forgiveness.

YOU are perfect just the way you are and don’t be afraid to allow yourself to dream because dreaming is a wonderful thing and can bring fourth all that you desire if;


Much love to you all and thank you so much for reading The boy in the chip shop because everyone of you, are a part of my healing journey.


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A Simple Lesson

My very first thought of the day early this morning and before I even opened my eyes was this;

I don’t punish myself-I let myself down.

You may be thinking that they are the same thing but for me they are very different and a revelation.

I have asked myself the same two question’s over and over-why do I continuously punish myself and what did I do that was so wrong?

My mentor once said to me;

“Maybe you are asking the wrong questions?”

For some reason, I couldn’t process that statement even though it’s pretty simple and what I now understand is, that I didn’t hear it… I mean,

I really didn’t hear it.

When you are ready, you will learn the lesson.


Stay open and welcome this new day and all that is on offer for you to learn.


 ©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20


Dr Wayne Dyer died on the 29th of August 2015.

He was 75.

Known as the father of motivation, Wayne Dyer was a man who impacted my life greatly and I spent many years yearning to attend one of his seminars.

The Christmas before he passed away, my dear friend Katie surprised me with a ticket to see him in London, the following September.

He died two weeks before his event.

Are there things in your life that you’ve spent years wanting to do and haven’t done them yet, because there is always some sort of reason why you can’t?

Are there people in your life that you no longer see, yet wish you were still connected?

Do you have dreams that you have put on hold because of one reason or another?

I can answer yes to all of the above.

The seminar went a head, only now it was a dedication to his life rather than hearing this wonderful man speak and as I sat in the audience, I can remember asking myself what the lesson was in this situation, that I needed to learn?

I felt desperately sad that I had not made it in time, to see Wayne Dyer and that I’d wasted so many years of my life making excuses

When I have enough money, when the kids are older, when I’m slimmer, when I’m successful, when this and when that and so on…

How many excuses have you made over the years when it comes to your hopes, desires, your future dreams?

I recognize the beautiful part of my being, that was a serial excuse maker and she learn’t from the very best.

Her parents!

Don’t be like me and waste time with vacant excuses because this present time is all that matters, right HERE AND NOW.

Write that list, make plans for your future-dream… and dream BIG.

The teachings of Wayne Dyer will always be available to whom ever shall seek them and in his own words;

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Here is the Excuses Begone audio book which is not the best quality but still a brilliant listen.

Now is your time.

©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20