I live my life in contradiction.

Consistently being aware that to live in one’s mind carries such turmoil and conflict-a depth that can ignite the soul and also exacerbate those unwanted emotions.

How did I ever get to this place?

I think that there is truth in the ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ comment.

My self, poor love, has carried enough shit in her time and sometimes her load lessens and then at times, the load feels too heavy to carry and she crashes.

It has been 4 weeks since moving abroad (my running away pattern at it’s finest) and 4 weeks of living with my Mother who has brought so much pain into my life over several decades.

She would never understand that statement or accept it.

My teenage part has surfaced with gust and is fighting for survival once again.

Yeah… I do feel sorry for her, bless her and for me, the adult me, well I am pretty much pissed off with myself for choosing struggle over the knowledge to change.

At times I am able to connect at the highest level to something so much greater and then it seems I fall so low and just don’t have the energy to pull myself out again.

My heart tells me that ultimately I have a purpose-we all do and that I must keep going forwards to wherever life may lead me or is it that I, may lead my life?

Who has the power here?

The contradiction for me is that I know that I can teach you how to change your life, how to release those unwanted emotions, how to live your best life yet and all that wonderful stuff and yet for me, it’s not enough.

I want more-I want more for me.

I want answers from the deepest level I want to know why?

Why do I exist?

Why am I here?

What the hell is this all about?

It really can’t all be for nothing?

What does connection really mean? Connected to what?

What’s out there?

What am I connected to?

So many questions within me and it seems much conflict surrounding me too.

It’s much more than forgiveness… so much more.

Day in, day out I feel I’m wasting time as I wander around, literally wandering looking for the signpost to direct me.

I can’t go back-backwards is uncomfortably safe and the path forwards is unclear so I just seem to stand in the middle as if I am some robot with failing batteries.

When I look in the mirror each day, I can see the brightness slipping away. My skin looks drab and my eyes don’t seem to sparkle any longer. My hair is grey and limp and my body over weight and heavy.

I’m tired-exhausted in fact.

Wayne Dyer said once – “Don’t ever affirm that you are tired, you are wasting your precious time of this earth!”

And of course he is right; I am wasting my precious time.

If there is any take home lesson from my ramblings then maybe it’s for me to say, don’t waste your time living with pain and conflict. Reach out and ask for help.

There are some wonderful human beings out there that will take the time to listen to your story and support you when needed.

And for me… well I am just having a few difficult days and there will always be something for me to learn from all of this and that’s because I am a seeker.

(and the biggest pain in my own ass)

In gratitude.


 ©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20

My house

Rumi, a famous poet, born 807 years ago to Persian parents.

Today my house is at full capacity

an interesting place to be whilst pondering on

what’s next

for me

If I am to trust my internal response then

something is amidst

and denying it will bring what-

I wonder?

My house is disorderly and in need of some


and over the years I have managed to

cover up

the places that need a little

extra work

and still-my house could do with a

complete overhaul

It’s not the first time my house

has been full


the new arrivals seem

the same as before

I’ve offered them

somewhere else to stay

it would be rude not to

wouldn’t it?

and yet they kind of like

to return

Maybe it’s the familiarity


maybe they fear the unknown

of trying somewhere else

something different

maybe even a new house



I’m not sure I can

really say

So for today

I will tidy my house a little more

and welcome

them all

to stay for as long as they need to


hope that they don’t

stay too long

this time-

 ©All Rights Reserved – The boy in the chip shop 2019-20