Into The Unknown

For some, this may be an uncomfortable thing to do.

I’m in that place right now having absolutely no idea of what’s happening next and in the past, I would have certainly been in a state of inner turmoil by now.

Day 71 of a different way of living.

I feel peaceful.

I’m taking care of me.

What does it mean to surrender?

It means to stop resisting.

Are you resisting?

Do you feel lost or stuck angry or frustrated?

What would it take for you to surrender and just let go?

There are signs all around you that are missed when you are so emotionally restrained and by freeing yourself from all of that unnecessary baggage, you will begin to see clearly.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and get in touch with your inner knowing. Ask the questions and notice the response.

Have a pen and pad by your side so you can write down any inspirational thoughts that come up.

Have you ever wondered why you can hear your thoughts? How is that even possible?

Sounds a little crazy right?

I love crazy…

I love weird and wonderful…

I love pushing boundaries with ideas…

Nothing is impossible.

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